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FORD's Used Truck Line-up



FORD's Compact Truck

According to Wikipedia the Ford Ranger was first offered for sale in 1983 and continued to until 2012. As a compact pickup truck, Ford sold nearly 300,000 in 1997 to a low of 70,000 in 2011 and the was discontinued.


USED F-150

Ford's Full-Size Pickup

The first Ford F-150 was produced in 1948 and was considered a light-duty truck. In 1997 Ford sales of the F150 were just over 745,000, in 2017 sales of the popular F-150 reached nearly 900,000 plus an additional 155,000 in Canada.

Used Ford F250

USED F-250

FORD's Full-Size Work Truck

Looking to pull a commercial size trailer? Then the Ford F250 is the truck for you. Check out our selection of this historically great work truck.

Our Reconditioning Process

  1. Select, we carefully choose only the best Used FORD Trucks.
  2. Inspect, our two-part inspection process
    1. Wisconsin State Safety Inspection - 120points
    2. Mechanical Inspection
  3. Repair or Replace
    1. Tires
    2. Brakes
    3. Exhaust System
    4. Recalls Completed
  4. Complete Clean & Detail
    1. Exterior Hand Washed
    2. Interior Detail
  5. Warranty
    1. The remainder of the FORD Factory Coverage
Used FORD Truck Inspection:
- Average Days to Complete this step
Used FORD Truck Service & Repair:
- Average Days to complete this step
Used FORD Truck Detail & Display
- Average Days to Complete this step
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