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Used Ford Trucks
in Madison

Used Ford Trucks


Your Used FORD Resource in Madison

FORD's Used Truck Line-up



FORD's Compact Truck

According to Wikipedia the Ford Ranger was first offered for sale in 1983 and continued to until 2012. As a compact pickup truck, Ford sold nearly 300,000 in 1997 to a low of 70,000 in 2011 and the was discontinued.


USED F-150

Ford's Full-Size Pickup

The first Ford F-150 was produced in 1948 and was considered a light-duty truck. In 1997 Ford sales of the F150 were just over 745,000, in 2017 sales of the popular F-150 reached nearly 900,000 plus an additional 155,000 in Canada.

Used Ford F250

USED F-250

FORD's Full-Size Work Truck

Our Reconditioning Process

  1. Select, we carefully choose only the best Used FORD Trucks.
  2. Inspect, our two-part inspection process
    1. Wisconsin State Safety Inspection - 120points
    2. Mechanical Inspection
  3. Repair or Replace
    1. Tires
    2. Brakes
    3. Exhaust System
    4. Recalls Completed
  4. Complete Clean & Detail
    1. Exterior Hand Washed
    2. Interior Detail
  5. Warranty
    1. The remainder of the FORD Factory Coverage
Used FORD Truck Inspection:
- Average Days to Complete this step
Used FORD Truck Service & Repair:
- Average Days to complete this step
Used FORD Truck Detail & Display
- Average Days to Complete this step
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Considering a New Ford F150 in Madison? Many F-150 shoppers have found that a late model F150 with low miles to be a better choice. Why? Because they have saved thousands by purchasing a Used Used F150 over a New one.

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Shopping for a New F-250 near Fitchburg? You may want to consider a late model Used F250 from . We generally have several to choose from, many are low miles and we offer the lowest F-250 prices in the area.

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